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Ankle & Foot Injury

I began seeing Dr. Boisvert in the spring of 2010 following a fractured fibula in my right ankle the previous summer. Despite many other attempts to rehab the ankle I was reaching a point where I was unable to run or do many activities without some level of pain. After a recommendation from a colleague of mine I visited Dr. Boisvert. He began to rehabilitate me by analyzing my situation and using  Graston techniques, which he explained to me very well. I really enjoy the more technical and anatomical conversations that we have and in addition they help me to understand the process my body is going through to heal and return to normal function. But above all is Dr. Boisvert's ability to understand my situation. He understood that I still wanted to compete in athletics and that just getting by would not be a good enough answer, which is what I was hearing from many doctors and PTs. Almost instantly I was noticing incredible results. I was back in form in time for the triathlon season. Since then I have completed dozens of races with this past season ending with my first full Ironman distance. I can honestly say that without the help of Dr. Boisvert I would not have been able to compete in the sport of triathlon. I am so grateful and convinced of his abilities that I have recommended him to many of my friends who also are not willing to take no for an answer.

-Drew S. 

I play a lot of tennis and recently developed plantar fasciitis for the second time in ten years. I had been using orthotics in all my shoes and stretching judiciously since my first bout with PF, so I knew I needed some professional help. Dr. Boisvert was recommended to me by several teammates who had been successfully treated by him for ankle, knee and elbow problems, so I thought he could help me as well. He assessed my problem and determined that the Graston Technique would be the most effective treatment plan for me. During the four months I’ve been seeing him, he constantly assesses the progress I am making to ensure we are on the right path to recovery. If one treatment plan isn’t working, hw will try something else because his goal is to get his patients healthy as quickly as possible. 

The other thing I like about Dr. Boisvert is that he is an athlete himself (he plays several competitive sports including tennis) and understands the mindset of someone wanting to get back to their sport as quickly as possible. Another medical professional had told me, “You’re a senior citizen; you don’t need to be able to run,” but Dr. Boisvert dismissed that attitude and told me to keep working out at the gym while I was being treated (and not allowed to play tennis) so that when I got back on the tennis court I would be in good physical condition. After four months of twice-weekly treatment (mostly covered by my insurance) I am back playing tennis. It’s only once a week to start but I have no pain, so I’m a happy person!


As a 44 year old active runner and swimmer I found myself with severe plantar fasciitis in both feet.  I was to the point that getting through the day was difficult, and even sleeping at night was getting to be a challenge.  I went to the first podiatrist who assigned me stretches.  After 6 weeks with no improvements, I went to a second podiatrist who suggested 6 weeks of prescription strength anti-inflammatory medicine.  Once that did not help, he suggested cortisone shots in each foot.  Unfortunately for me, I had an adverse reaction to the shots and could barely walk.  I used crutches for four days and was at my absolute wits end.  I was telling a fellow swimming buddy about how defeated I felt and he told me I absolutely had to see Dr. David Boisvert who uses the Graston Technique for people with plantar fasciitis.  I am so thankful I decided to make the appointment.  Dr. Boisvert has changed my life.  Dr. Boisvert treats me using the Graston Technique roughly twice a week for the last 12 months.  At first the process was very painful, but Dr. Boisvert’s understanding and encouraging demeanor motivated me to continue.  It took a while for me to see any results, but once I did, I was excited to continue.  After 12 months I’m still not running, however, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m incredibly grateful.  I am able to push off the wall while swimming, ride a bike in spin class, and walk on a treadmill, all things I was unable to do even 6 months ago.  I have no idea where I would be without Dr. Boisvert and his expertise with the Graston Technique.  I strongly recommend anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis to try the Graston Technique with Dr. Boisvert.

-Katy V.

I came to Dr. Boisvert for an ongoing issue in my Achilles. The pain was so bad that I was not able to run at all.  I was used to running long distances and frequently, so I went to Dr. Boisvert feeling hopeless.  Although I had lots of built up scar tissue in my legs, he was soon able to set me on the right track again.  He got me in top shape to participate in my last Varsity Softball season in just a month or two.  I would not have been able to play in my last high school season without the help of Dr. Boisvert.  Additionally, since the season, he has improved my legs further.  I can now run however far I choose and sprint around the bases as many times as I wish without complications or pain.  In only a few months my Achilles have transformed, and it is all thanks to Dr. Boisvert.   Thanks to him I can now head into my first softball season at Middlebury College prepared and with much confidence in my legs.   Dr. Boisvert is a dedicated and knowledgeable doctor, who can solve countless issues and injuries.  I would recommend him to anyone.  

-Ali D.

Dr. Boisvert has been a game changer for me. I train for long course triathlons including half and full Ironmans. So the volume and consistency of the workouts are pretty intense. I put a lot of demands on my body to say the least. I had been struggling with nagging running injuries for years, particularly pain in my feet and Achilles. While being sidelined from running for a few months every year waiting for symptoms to subside, I sought other types of treatment from acupuncture to massage to ART and nothing was truly solving the issues. Finally I started seeing Dr. Boisvert for treatment. Best investment ever. He was able to quickly assess what was going on and recommend a plan of action. He explained what was happening in laymen's terms so I always felt well-informed. With his super refined Graston work combined with spine adjustments, icing, ancillary strength exercises and patience, the years of damage have honestly been undone and I have been running without pain in my feet for more than a year now. As an athlete himself, he understands the motivation of people who train and how much we love what we do. So he knows to advise when to back off and give something time to heal, but also when it's actually safe to continue to train while continuing treatment. Throughout training, other smaller imbalances have come up, that's just the nature of endurance sports. But I barely think twice about anything because I know that he's in my corner and can work with me through them. I trust his knowledge and craft.

-Ann H.

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  • "It's really difficult for me to fully sum up just how much Dr. Boisvert has helped me. I injured my upper back when I was only fifteen, and over the years, despite seeing numerous doctors and physical therapists, the pain and knotting continued to worsen. By nineteen, I was terrified that I would be in pain and inactive for the rest of my life. That's when I started going to Bedford Chiropractic and everything changed. Unlike many other doctors, he really gets to know his patients and genuinely cares about each one. Since I first went to Bedford Chiropractic a little over a year ago, my back has completely turned around. I'm no longer in pain, and I'm active again. And most importantly, I can confidently feel like I have an active and pain-free future ahead of me. So, thank you Bedford Chiropractic and especially thank you, Dr. Boisvert, for helping me get my life back."
    Diana Johnson

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