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Sports Injury

It took me many years to find Dr. Boivert. I had already seen numerous chiropractors, as I’d been looking for a solution to pain radiating from my sacroiliac joint for at least six seasons of athletics. While other chiropractors seemed to have an urge to give me too many adjustments and leave me feeling mobile only for a few hours, Dr. Boisvert was clearly intent on long-term improvement. When I entered his office, I was inflexible, having difficulty walking, and performing at an unsatisfactory level athletically as a result. My hips, my buttocks, my hamstrings - all had been effected by the rigidity my back enforced on the rest of my body to keep from breaking down while trying to play through injury. It was a strain to just put my knees together from an upright sitting position. But after a few months with Dr. Boisvert (once after soccer injury in high school, and once after injury in college wrestling), both the stress in my SI and the flexibility issues all but disappeared. He used the Graston technique to mobilize soft-tissue that had accumulated years of scarring. Over time, he relaxed and aligned the tissues in my back and brought me back to full mobility. Now, all I need is maintenance. Every once in a while, my back will start acting up, and Dr. Boivert will immediately see to it that its on the road to recovery. If you have lingering issues in your back, Dr. Boisvert is the man you need to see. Plus, he’s great for conversations too. 

Zachary B.

I fell playing ice hockey in 2015, which started 3 years of continuous pain in my lower left back whether I was sitting, standing, laying down, or walking.  I tried physical therapy, a cortisone shot, and a nerve blocker to no avail.  2 of my in-laws and my husband had all referred me to Dr. Boisvert in 2015, and I should have listened sooner.  In 2018, my back completely gave out on me.  I couldn't get up or down without the assistance of my husband for a week.  I showed up to his office in extreme pain walking with a cane.  I'm in my late 40s!  After a few weeks of pain meds, my back felt better, and Dr. Boisvert started the Graston technique treatment.  At first, I wasn't sure this would work, but the doctor encouraged me to be patient with the process.  It's been a year now, and I feel terrific!  The continuous pain is gone.  I have a standing desk at work, and I see him once or twice a week still.  I'm a true believer now in chiropractic care where Western medicine didn't help!  I'm thankful I made this choice and for Dr. Boisvert.  And, I still play ice hockey!  

Maureen N.

As a high school and college athlete there is no chiropractor that I would recommend seeing in the Boston Area other than Dr. Boisvert. In October of 2008 I injured my back in an off-season hockey game. With a varsity soccer game just three days away, Dr. Boisvert worked miracles. When I arrived in his office I could barely walk. Dr. Boisvert quickly identified the problem area of my back, made several adjustments and calmly talked me through the process while he worked so that I felt comfortable. Three days later I was back on the soccer pitch and performing at 100%. One year later, I had a very similar back issue. Dr. Boisvert once again utilized his extensive knowledge base to quickly identify and correct the issue. At this point, I was an adamant supporter of Dr. Boisvert and his work. In August of 2010, I left to play lacrosse and hockey at Vanderbilt University. I recently completed my sophomore year at Vanderbilt and after two full seasons on the hockey rink and lacrosse field I was experiencing severe neck pain. With no hesitation I saw Dr. Boisvert. I was not the least bit surprised to leave his office twenty minutes later feeling infinitely better. If you are a high school athlete, Dr. Boisvert will work wonders. If you are a college athlete, Dr. Boisvert will work wonders. Even if you are neither a high school or college athlete, Dr. Boisvert will treat you with the utmost respect and handle your situation with professionalism and expertise. If you seek results, seek out Dr. Boisvert. I would be shocked to find a more effective chiropractor in the entire Boston area. 

-Jack D. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "It's really difficult for me to fully sum up just how much Dr. Boisvert has helped me. I injured my upper back when I was only fifteen, and over the years, despite seeing numerous doctors and physical therapists, the pain and knotting continued to worsen. By nineteen, I was terrified that I would be in pain and inactive for the rest of my life. That's when I started going to Bedford Chiropractic and everything changed. Unlike many other doctors, he really gets to know his patients and genuinely cares about each one. Since I first went to Bedford Chiropractic a little over a year ago, my back has completely turned around. I'm no longer in pain, and I'm active again. And most importantly, I can confidently feel like I have an active and pain-free future ahead of me. So, thank you Bedford Chiropractic and especially thank you, Dr. Boisvert, for helping me get my life back."
    Diana Johnson

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